Health Welfare Benefits

Medical, Vision & Dental

The Company provides comprehensive health and dental insurance programs to its staff members and dependents. The insurance premiums are fully paid by the Company in most instances. However, an employee whose spouse is employed and who is eligible for insurance coverage from their employer will be required to contribute a portion of the cost of providing such coverage under the plans. Eligible dependents are also covered in full by the plan.

Life Insurance

The Company provides life insurance for all active employees. The policy coverage is two times your base annual salary up to a maximum of $800,000. Up to $400,000 is provided as "guaranteed issue." Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance is also provided to each employee at two times your annual salary up to a maximum of $800,000.

Short and Long-term disability

Short-term disability provides for time off with pay when you are ill or have an injury that prevents you from working. The first three consecutive days you are away from work due to a non-work related illness or injury, including for a dependent child's illness or injury, are counted as sick days. Any group of one to three concurrent sick days is considered an "occurrence." The Company provides paid leave for up to six occurrences per year.

Beginning on the fourth consecutive workday of any occurrence due to an illness or injury, the absences are covered by STD. Short-term disability does not cover absences because of a dependent child's illness or injury.

After 180 calendar days of disability, the Company's long-term disability policy will provide benefits of 60 percent of salary up to the limited allowed by the policy, payable to age 65.

401k Plan

The Company’s 401(k) Savings Plan is comprised of two components, the employee elective contributions and the employer contributions. The employee contribution portion of the plan provides employees with an opportunity to contribute to a savings plan before taxes. Savings are made through payroll deductions. The Company does not match this portion of the plan. Employees are eligible to participate in the employee elective portion immediately.

The employer contribution component of the plan will be provided in the form of a defined contribution plan. The Company will pay into a trust fund a sum equal to ten percent (10%) of an employees’ annual compensation (base salary and bonus), plus an additional 5.7% of the compensation above the Social Security wage base for that year. Employees are eligible to join this plan after completing one year of employment. The funds will be fully vested three (3) years from the date of hire. The program is totally Company funded with no contributions by the employee.


For the first calendar year of employment, the number of days of vacation to which employees are entitled is dependent on the date on which employment commences. In the first calendar year of regular full-time employment, vacation time will be allocated as follows:

Leadership Team Staff Members
January = 20 days January = 15 days
February = 18 days February = 13 days
March = 16 days March = 12 days
April = 15 days April = 11 days
May = 13 days May = 9 days
June = 11 days June = 8 days
July = 10 days July = 7 days
August = 8 days August = 6 days
September = 6 days September = 4 days
October = 5 days October = 3 days
November = 3 days November = 2 days
December = 0 days December = 0 days

Employees’ paid vacation time will be granted on a pro-rated basis. Each calendar year thereafter, employees will be entitled to the following number of days of vacation:

  Calendar Year Days
Staff 2nd - 5th 15
  6th - 10th 20
  11th - subsequent 25
Leadership Team 2nd - 10th 20
  11th - subsequent 25

Vacation may only be taken at a time to be agreed upon in advance with the employee’s direct Supervisor and may be taken in half-day increments with advance Supervisory approval. Due to operational requirements, requested vacation time may not be approved. In addition, Supervisors may not approve vacation for employees who engage in excessive tardiness or absenteeism. The Company believes that periodic vacations from work are a healthy and desirable part of everyone’s life. Therefore, under Company policy, no more than ten unused vacation days may be carried forward into the next calendar year.

Personal Days

Regular full-time employees may take up to four (4) paid personal days per calendar year in the course of their active employment with NEIL, subject to Supervisory approval. In the first calendar year of regular full-time employment, available personal time will be prorated as noted: first quarter = 4 personal days, second quarter = 3 personal days, third quarter = 2 personal days, fourth quarter = 1 personal day until January 1st of the following year. Part-time employees’ personal days will be granted on a pro-rated basis. Personal days/time does not accrue, but can only be taken in the course of active employment. Personal days may be used in half-day increments at any time during the year, but may not be carried forward to any subsequent calendar year. Employees will not be entitled to any payment upon separation from employment with NEIL for unused personal days during the last calendar year of employment. If possible, employees should give advanced notice to their Supervisors when they wish to take a personal day.

Wellness Day

Employees, other than members of the Leadership Team, who have not had a sick day over a six-month period (defined as January 1 through June 30 and July 1 through December 31) will be entitled to one fully paid Wellness Day. The Wellness Day will be treated like a Personal Day, except that new employees do not have to wait until the calendar year following their year of hire to earn a Wellness Day. New employees do, however, must wait until the start of a full six-month period (January 1 or July 1 depending on the start date of the employee) to be eligible to participate. Days must be used within a six (6)-month period following the period for which they are earned.