Jeanne L. Mockard

Independent Director

Jeanne Mockard is the owner of JLM Capital and Consulting, where she evaluates private investment opportunities and provides consulting services. Recent clients include EMC Corp and Conning Asset Management. In addition, she is the Chair of the Board at Employers, Inc (EIG) a publicly traded monoline workers comp insurance company.

Her non profit work includes: Vice Chair of the Board of Silent Spring Institute (SSI), which is focused on environmental causes of breast cancer, Treasurer of the Lutheran Diaconal Association, and Jeanne is also on the Endowment Committee at The Bryn Mawr School in Baltimore, MD.

Prior to becoming self-employed, Jeanne was a Managing Director and Senior Portfolio Manager at Putnam Investments. She was the Lead Manager for The George Putnam Fund of Boston, a $4.2 billion balanced fund. She is a CFA charterholder and has 34 years of investment experience.

Jeanne joined Putnam in 1985. After various positions in the service company, she left to pursue an MBA at the University of Virginia in the fall of 1988. After graduating in 1990, she returned to Putnam as a securities analyst. Over the next three years, she covered Electric Utilities, Telecom, Retail, Textile and Apparel, and Natural Gas Utility stocks. In 1993, she moved to Portfolio Management, starting with the Putnam Dividend Income Fund and the Putnam Preferred Income Fund. Over the next seven years, she also managed the Putnam Global Natural Resources Fund and the Putnam Utilities Fund. From March 2000 through November 2008, Jeanne was the Lead Manager of the George Putnam Fund of Boston, the oldest balanced fund in the industry. Returns for those 8 1/2 years place the Fund in the 25th percentile in its Lipper category.

Jeanne was also the Chair of the Women’s Leadership Forum at Putnam.