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NEIL Service’s Loss Control Department Renamed to NEIL Services Loss Prevention

Effective September 7, 2020 the Department has been renamed NEIL Services Loss Prevention and the Loss Control Representatives are now titled Loss Prevention Engineers (LPE). In addition to renaming the organization, we have reorganized the NEIL Services Loss Prevention staff to support our growing conventional business and better align with the Underwriting Department to streamline and improve communications. The new organization chart is attached for your review. As part of this reorganization there were two promotions and one new position was created.

Shannon McArdle has been promoted to Director – Nuclear Programs and Analysis; Bill Rousseau has been promoted to Manager – Nuclear Programs; and Andy Brady has transitioned to Manager – Conventional Programs. 

Shannon will be responsible for overseeing the nuclear programs, Loss Control Manual maintenance, interfacing with the EAC Risk & Analysis Subcommittee, and analyzing identified nuclear risks.

Bill will be responsible for the day to day activities associated with nuclear programs and nuclear facility evaluations, including the qualifications of LPE’s and their continued proficiency, and interfacing with the EAC Standards & Processes Subcommittee.

Andy will be responsible to support the development of a Conventional Loss Prevention Program; and the day to day activities associated with the evaluations of conventional facilities and programs.

Please join us in recognizing the efforts of the team in moving to a culture that believes “All Losses are Preventable” and in congratulating Shannon and Bill on their promotions and Andy on his new assignment.


NEIL believes nuclear power is a vital energy solution. We enable nuclear power by embracing mutuality and pursuing excellence in insurance and loss prevention.


We fulfill our continuing core responsibility of insuring our Members' nuclear risks by:

  • Maintaining the financial strength to cover two full-limit losses.
  • Promoting industry risk-management and safety practices.
  • Providing value and equitable treatment.
  • Prudently pursuing opportunities that serve the Membership.


Consistent with the principles of a mutual insurance company, our employees and Board of Directors strive to meet our Members' evolving needs and represent the interests of all Members by treating them fairly and equitably in matters of the Company, including financial dealings and Member representation.


The Company, its employees, and members of the Board of Directors will treat each other, and all others with whom we interact, with respect, honesty and fairness. We will maintain the highest ethical and professional standards in all areas of our business and respect the confidential and proprietary information of our Members.


We will maintain our financial strength through sound strategic planning, prudent investments, a disciplined financial decision process and demonstrated financial accountability. We will maintain our personnel strength by creating an environment that encourages employee initiative and diversity among individuals, and enables each employee to perform successfully and grow professionally.


Excellence requires personal commitment on the part of each individual involved with NEIL and we pursue this through a proactive approach to all aspects of our business. Each employee commits to achieve excellence and to respect the Company and each other in all matters.


We will foster teamwork with our Members and business partners by effective communications and by seeking their participation on matters affecting the Company. We are also committed to being responsible and active members of our community, and will team with others to build a strong community that produces a positive environment beneficial to businesses and individuals.